Other Projects

2003 AQP Ornament

In 2003, James designed a cute angel for the project to use as a Christmas Ornament for the various hospitals. He created both a front and back. These were done on perforated plastic, stitched together, and then cut out. Fast forward to 2013. We have brought them back, but opened the choice of patterns to any of James' designs, and relaxed the perforated plastic restriction. Stitchers are now able to stitch in any colors, on an fabrics, and finished their favorite way. To get more information and the charts, please click here.

New for 2013 is the Bookmark Challenge. We know that families often spend agonizing hours in the waiting rooms or by the isolettes of their dear infants. Most of our hospitals also have children's wards that would be happy to offer their little charges something special. These will also be donated to literacy programs and elementary schools. Stitchers can use any design and shaped bookmark they choose, done in any handcrafted technique. For more information, please see the Bookmark Challenge Page.

The Project also does several fund-raiser quilts every year. A theme is picked by the division head and stitchers pitch in to create one-of-a-kind quilts that are auctioned off on eBay. For information on any current fund-raiser quilts, please contact James or the Yahoo Groups.