AQP Finishers

The AQP owes a huge thanks to the finishers, for these lovely ladies take the stitched panels and turn them into unique works of art. Not all finishers take pictures of their work, and clicking on their names will take you to examples of their work where possible.

When you are all done with your panels, the next step is sending them off to a finisher. Please send an email to James Farmer and he will send you the information you will need to contact one of these ladies.

United States


Kelly Hauser


Dale High


Shirley Boundy, Linda Laird


Dolores Casilio



Caroline Windaybank, Sue Thompson


Kristi Abbott, Sandy Albrecht, Cindy Benson, Lisa Braun, Brenda Bunn, Carla Christy, Kerry Christy, Christina Derwee, Gisele Doucet, Joan Halden, Colleen MacDonald, Coreen MacKenzie, Maureen Parker, Jeanne Point, Andrea Procee, Lorrie Ramsay, Dodie Rauchwerk, Joan Roy