About the Angel Quilt Project

The Angel Quilt Project (AQP) was founded as the Angel Afghan Project on January 27, 2000, as a nonprofit organization. Since that time we've changed our name to reflect what we do. When we used Afghan in our name there were some who mistakedly understood that to mean that we did things solely for the Afghanistan region of the world. Not true! What we do is make hand-made blankets which are then given (all free of charge) to hospitals in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom that have either Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) or Special Care Baby Units (SCBUs) for families with premature babies.

Literally thousands of such blankets have been made and donated to those hospital lists in the three areas mentioned above.

The requirement to join the AQP is simple - be willing to stitch or machine embroider a couple of pieces a year, or more if you see you're able to.

The AQP relies on the goodness of the membership and corporate sponsors to continue our work. In reality the AQP takes in less than $3,000.00 a year in donations. Our members provide the postage themselves to send out their work to our finishers who in turn spend their own funds to get the things they need and to send to the various hospitals on their lists.

If you would like to make a donation to the AQP I urge you to visit our paypal link below or get in touch with me at Eprise01@aol.com, and I can send you a mailing address. If you'd like a receipt please be sure to include an SASE with your mail and one will be sent to you. All funds received go directly into the AQP and are shared, when possible, with the finishers and other distributors of our blankets.

The current Board of Directors:

  • James Farmer (Founder and President)*
  • Dale High (Secretary and VP)*
  • Ellen Bennett (Co-Webmaster)*
  • Jaenne Bonner*
  • Caroline Windybank (Organizer and finisher for the UK Division)*
  • Julie Mercier Kuusilehto* (Webmaster)
  • Lorrie Ramsey (Representing Canada)*

*Denotes permanent member of the Board of Directors.

Contact Information:

The Angel Quilt Project
PO Box 5421
Greenville, MS 38704-5421
Phone number: 1-662-394-0396
E-mail: Eprise01@aol.com